Dealing with policy information can be cumbersome, especially if you’re playing the middleman. When your client has a policy with Symetra, they have access to Group Online (or GO for short). GO is a user-friendly online administration tool that allows your clients to securely access and manage their Symetra group life, disability, stop loss and Select Benefits policies from anywhere, at any time. But what if your client comes to you with questions? You, too, can access GO.

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Here’s what you can do on GO

Once logged in, you can:

  • Access tools and features available on the group life, disability, stop loss and Select Benefits portal.
  • Check commission statements.
  • Review the policies you sold through us.
  • Look up the status of a client’s claim.1

Here’s what your clients can do on GO

Once logged in, they can:

  • Access policy information by company, division or affiliate.
  • View documents like administrative forms, guides and their policy.
  • Submit premium electronically.
  • Review billing statements.
  • Search claim submission forms.
  • Check claim status.2
  • Run customized reports to track details such as premiums, enrolled insureds or evidence of insurability.

We also offer MyGO for employees. MyGO allows employees to log in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to submit claims, download important forms and more. For an added layer of convenience, employees can log into MyGO from a mobile device for on-the-go access. MyGO is available for group life, disability and now Select Benefits polices.

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1 Only available for stop loss policyholders.

2 Only available for group life and disability insurance and stop loss policyholders.