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Commitment matters

Investing in the future

Our products and investment portfolio reflect our goal of providing value to customers while stewarding their money in a sustainable, transparent and ethical manner. As part of our corporate social responsibility strategy, we’re continually looking for opportunities to make investments in our portfolio that have a positive social impact.


Impact investing

Impact investing seeks to generate returns while also creating positive environmental and social impacts. Our impact investing is currently focused on the areas of clean energy and affordable housing. Through this initiative, we’ll seek to expand investment opportunities in these areas:

Renewable energy
focused investments

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invested between 2015 and 2016

Affordable housing
tax credits

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to be fully invested by 2027

Investing with purpose

We carefully consider environmental, social and governance factors in the evaluation of our investment portfolio. We continually evaluate our portfolio and carefully consider both the current products and services of the companies we invest in and their future plans. These guidelines are already in effect in the following areas:


Fossil fuels

A number of the companies we invest in that produce fossil fuels have outlined plans and dedicated resources to reduce their carbon footprint, and we continue to encourage companies to dedicate additional resources to this effort.



We do not invest in assets focused on producing traditional tobacco products or similar new products and technologies such as vape pens.


Banned weapons

We do not invest in assets focused on manufacturing controversial weapons banned by a number of international treaties.

Customer empowerment

Our vision, to create a world where more people have access to financial freedom, is at the core of everything we do. We’re passionate about providing customers access to insurance, financial tools and health care solutions in the most inclusive and equitable way, meeting them where they are, and fulfilling our long-term promises.

Our charitable giving rider on select life insurance products empowers customers to make impactful contributions of their own by paying an additional percentage of their death benefit to a charity of their choice.


Our guiding principles

Our success as a business is guided by the principles of Value, Transparency and Sustainability, or VTS.

Value: We provide products and solutions people need at a competitive price—backed by dedication to excellent customer service.

Transparency: We communicate clearly and openly so people can understand what they're buying.

Sustainability: Our products stand the test of time. We’re financially disciplined, so we’ll be here when customers need us.


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