Symetra Communities

We stand with our communities

Through partner organizations, resources and advocacy, we're building strong and resilient community support systems
with a focus on women and at-risk youth.


Our Commitment 

See how our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is at the center of our community programs.


Symetra Empowers Communities


Empowering youth

We work in partnership with organizations like the Seattle Storm and Seattle Kraken who share our values and commitment to our communities.


Funding communities

Symetra Empowers grants invest in organizations working to create long-term positive change in our communities.


Engaging employees

Our employees are engaged and strongly committed to giving back to our local communities.

Making an impact


2020 Highlights

Check out highlights from the first year of our program.


Our COVID-19 response

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we partnered with locally owned restaurants to fund and deliver meals to homeless shelters and frontline healthcare workers.


Corporate Citizenship Award

The PSBJ awards recognize companies that "give back to their communities and inspire real change."


We will shine a light and be a productive voice on issues affecting our communities and our most vulnerable citizens. We are committed to being a strong voice on issues and initiatives that we care about and we support our community partners and engage in efforts at the civic, policy and political level that advance their efforts. Direct corporate advocacy provides far-reaching and lasting benefits for partners seeking to address "root cause" issues affecting our communities.

Next steps

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