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Be prepared for what's ahead
When you’re just starting your career, you’re probably not thinking about retirement or life insurance. But this is the ideal time to start putting money toward your future and protecting your finances. Here are three things you should consider doing now.
Is life insurance right for me?
There are a number of ways people use life insurance that go beyond protecting loved ones. Here’s a closer look.
Are annuities right for me?
Chances are, you’ve heard of annuities. While most annuities share the same general idea—you put money in, your money grows tax-deferred, you get your money back—they are not all the same, and their features vary by product and insurance company. Here’s a quick introduction.
Where will your retirement income come from?
For most Americans, retirement income will come from three sources: employer-sponsored retirement programs, savings/investments and Social Security. But will you have all three? Not necessarily. Take a look at some additional options for retirement income.
Demystifying annuities
For people seeking guaranteed income in retirement, one of the most effective products available today is also one of the most misunderstood. Let’s face it, annuities have been given a pretty bad rap over the years, and it’s time to clear things up.
Rising rates can get you down
Conservative strategies often rely on “fixed income” investments such as bonds or bond funds to provide stability in a retirement portfolio. But they are not without risk, and a key risk to be aware of is rising interest rates. Here’s why.
Will inflation take the air out of your retirement savings?
Our life expectancies are increasing, which means you could spend up to 30 years or more in retirement. If your retirement money can’t keep up with inflation throughout that time, it will lose its buying power. That’s one reason you may want to consider a fixed indexed annuity (FIA).

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How it works

2B.2_How it works - put money in-Symetra_Blue.svg

You put money in.

2B.3_How it works - money grows-Symetra_Blue.svg

It pay you back over time.

The specific amount of money you receive is calculated on the following criteria:

Your age.

Your gender (for nonqualified annuities only).

How much you pay for the annuity contract.

When you want income payments to start.

How long you want your income payments to last.

For certain annuity contracts, whether you want the payments to continue to a loved one after you die.