Group life & disability insurance

Group disability insurance with loss of medical license protection

Protect pilots and their families from an unexpected loss of income

Commercial pilots are required to hold Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical certifications, and even minor medical issues or medication can lead to grounding.

Symetra's group disability insurance with loss of medical license protection can help pilots replace a portion of their income when a medical issue prevents them from flying.

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Key features

Help provide some income when pilots
are grounded due to an injury or illness.

Assistance with medical certification
process after a disability.

Group life and AD&D coverage for
additional financial protection.

Value-add programs to help pilots
handle additional life challenges.

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Group disability insurance with loss of medical license protection

When pilots are grounded after a disabling injury or illness, group disability insurance with loss of medical license protection can help provide them with some income by filling the gap between being medically able to return to work but still unable to fly due to FAA safety restrictions.

Loss of medical license group short-term disability insurance
Short-term diabilities are more common than you think. Pregnancy, digestive disorders and FAA mandated "watch and wait" periods are some of the conditions that may be covered by group short-term disability insurance with loss of medical license protection, which can provide income protection for up to the first six months of a disabling condition.

Loss of medical license group long-term disability insurance
For pilots who are grounded for an indefinite period, group long-term disability insurance with loss of medical protection can provide income protection up to normal retirement age, with flexible durations.

AeroMedical recertification services

Pilots and management can get help with a short phone call or email to get started.

Navigating the medical certification process can be difficult. We've partnered with Harvey Watt to offer AeroMedical recertification services that can help when a group disability insurance plan with loss of medical license protection is implemented.

Preventative FAA medical certification assistance
Pilots have access to a network of doctors who understand FAA requirements, when to take action, and how to avoid unnecessary grounding or certification delays in the event of a health issue. Confidential advice and advocacy can help avoid a small issue becoming a major grounding event.

FAA recertification advocacy and representation
Pilots receive confidential assistance from senior aviation medical examiners, flight surgeons and nurse case managers. Harvey Watt will submit cases, expedite approvals, communicate with the FAA on the pilot's behalf and handle appeals.

Time of claim
Pilots receive full, confidential guidance throughout the claim process as treatment and conditions change.

Group life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)

Group life and AD&D insurance can provide pilots and their families with coverage to help secure their financial future. Symetra offers two types of coverage:

Basic group life and AD&D
Basic group life allows you to provide coverage for pilots at a cost that is typically lower than individual coverage.

Supplemental group life and AD&D
Supplemental group life gives pilots the option to purchase additional coverage based on their needs.




Value-add programs

An injury, illness or death of a loved one can be stressful. The value-add programs offered through Symetra's group life and disability insurance provide pilots access to programs and services that offer help when it's needed most.

Employee Assistance Program (PDF) >

Beneficiary Companion (PDF) >

Travel Assistance (PDF) >

Health Care Navigation (PDF) >

Identity Theft Protection Program (PDF) >

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