Symetra Human Rights Statement

Symetra respects human rights and we strive to protect those rights through our practices and policies, as well as through our long-term commitments to our people and our communities, to our customers and to our planet, and how we influence and drive positive social change. Our commitments are embedded in our culture and values.

More About Symetra’s Commitment to Human Rights:

  • Symetra is committed to creating a working environment that supports dignity and diversity, where all employees can reach their highest professional potential.
  • Symetra is committed to creating a working environment where employees are respected and valued for their differences, with equal opportunities and fair outcomes, in an inclusive environment where they can be themselves and have an opportunity to thrive. For more about these commitments, visit our diversity, equity and inclusion pages.
  • Symetra is committed to providing communication and training that promotes a physically safe and professionally respectful work environment for employees with fair, attractive and lawful terms of employment.
  • Symetra is committed to creating a world where more people have access to financial freedom by striving to develop and offer products that matter to a diverse group of customers and by helping to build strong and resilient support systems for our current and future customers, including future customers from underserved communities.
  • Symetra’s commitments with respect to human rights extend beyond our employees, customers and communities. Symetra is committed to responsible sourcing and being a positive human rights influence for vendors and suppliers with whom we conduct business by providing them with our Sustainable Sourcing Statement. We strive to act with high standards of ethical conduct and to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations or treaties and we expect our vendors and suppliers to do the same, as related to the products or services they provide to us. Over the next few years, Symetra Social Impact aims to drive meaningful transformation across our priority areas. Visit our Social Impact site to learn more.
  • Symetra’s commitments with respect to human rights are reflected in our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program goals. Each CSR goal aligns with one or more United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal.
  • Symetra is committed to providing effective resolution to remedy potential illegal, unethical or inappropriate behavior. Our anonymous Ethics Help Line is available 24 hours a day seven days a week to employees, customers, vendors and suppliers. This mechanism offers a secure channel for anonymously reporting illegal, unethical or inappropriate behavior. We support individuals who, in good faith, provide information relating to reports of potential misconduct; and our Code of Conduct and Speak Up! Policy prohibit threats or acts of retaliation in any circumstance.

Commitment matters. Symetra is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, and we thank them for their continued support of our management philosophy and commitments.