Employee Resource Groups

“A place where I can be me.”

At Symetra, we’re building a place where every employee feels valued, respected, and has opportunities to contribute. One of the ways we’re doing this is through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), which are voluntary groups that engage members and allies to foster a diverse, inclusive workplace and a sense of belonging.

We embrace and celebrate diverse experiences, identities and perspectives, because lifting each other up fuels thought and creates a stronger, more innovative company.


Inclusive Diversity Council (IDC)

The IDC is made up of Symetra employees from all locations, functions and levels, with a promise to promote and support an inclusive and respectful workplace where every voice is heard. The IDC’s mission is to foster diversity, equity and inclusion by creating educational opportunities, raising awareness, and providing the necessary tools and resources. It also supports and oversees our Employee Resource Groups.

Meet our Employee Resource Groups


African American/Afro Caribbean Network (AAAC)

AAAC's mission is to construct a thriving and unified community under centralizing African American/Afro Caribbean culture and experiences. AAAC is committed to each individual's personal and professional growth, as well as the continuing pursuit of knowledge and justice for all.


Asian Pacific Islander Network

Committed to building a cohesive network and fostering an inclusive work environment under common Asian Pacific Islander heritage, culture and interests.


Disability, Mental Health and Caregiver United (One-DMC)

One-DMC mission is to support Symetra in becoming the most highly-acclaimed company for those with invisible and visible disabilities, for those seeking an environment conducive to one's mental health, and for those who have unique needs as caregivers.


Friends of Swifty

A supportive and inclusive environment for employees of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities with a focus on education, service and community.


Parents Connect

Our vision is to provide practical and personal support to one another through every stage of our parenting and caregiving journeys.


Vemos. Escuchamos. Apoyamos. (VEA)

V.E.A. strives to create an inclusive and safe space for Symetra’s Latinx community along with its allies to gather and celebrate the rich identities and interests we encompass. We are advocates for the social, political and cultural issues facing the Latinx population here, as well as beyond Symetra. We wish to empower members through mentorship and exposure to professional growth opportunities.


Women in Numbers (WIN)

WIN's mission is to inspire, mentor and empower each other to achieve success in our professional and personal lives.


Veterans and Military

Providing opportunities and a community for veterans, reservists and family members. Our goal is to ensure that veterans and their families feel supported and empowered to work comfortably in a corporate environment. We relentlessly focus on the company’s diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

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