Internship Program

We have a full time paid internship program in the summer and limited part time internships available during the school year.

Interns are exposed to a corporate environment where they can apply educational concepts to real world work situations.


  • “Working at a company as large as Symetra is a new experience for me, and it has been a great opportunity to apply concepts I’ve been learning in school. In addition to that, I have been able to build my network and learn firsthand from bosses and coworkers how to be effective and persuasive in the workplace.” – James, Sales Management Intern

  • “Every Symetra employee I contacted was thrilled to meet me, happy to answer my questions, enthused about what they were doing, interested in what I was working on. Managers were open and friendly, always busy, but never without a moment for a quick hello or inquiry about my project. Random people in the elevators were happy to include me in their conversation in the 10 seconds from the lobby to my floor. The other interns echoed my thoughts as we met for lunches or intern functions, and as days turned into weeks, I came to understand that Symetra’s core values are not lip service or feel good buzzwords; they are the heart and soul of this company, not in words but in action, embodied by and for the people that work here.” – Jennifer, Software Test Engineer Intern

  • I feel very comfortable working with all of the other Symetra employees because of how welcoming and helpful everyone is. I can say that I have also made new friends while working here. My team always had my back when I made mistakes and assisted me in solving problems that I wasn't able to solve on my own.” – Asif, Systems Analyst Intern

  • “I had a lot of fun while also being constantly challenged and learning new things. I would love to come back to Symetra if the opportunity arises!” 
    – Asif, Systems Analyst Intern

  • “I believe I would have never learned these lessons from college or textbook.” – Kevin, Actuarial Intern

  • “The support from team members was fantastic. Everyone is willing to help each other and answer any questions in a timely manner. This made me comfortable to try new things and speak my mind even though it might not be the correct thing.” – Edward, Project Manager Intern

Visit the career center to look for current internship opportunities or other positions you might be interested in. Create a new user account to apply. Don’t see an opening that fits your interests? Set up a job agent and we’ll send you an email as soon as an opportunity is posted that matches what you’re looking for.


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