Senior Administrative Assistant
Retirement Service & Operations 
West Des Moines, IA

How would you describe your job to someone who has no idea what you do?
I support the entire Iowa office (and many Bellevue employees) in all aspects of day-to-day working life. I am the point of contact for anything the Iowa office is involved in (meetings, fun activities, visitors to the office) or any questions or issues an employee has. If I don’t know the answer or I am unable to help, then I know who the next best person is to get the situation resolved.

How did you get into your line of work?
I have found that I enjoy and excel in positions that are always changing and include me “wearing different hats.” As an admin, my days are always different, and I look forward to the next task that needs to be completed or issue that needs to be resolved.

What skills do you use most in your job?
I need to be very detail-oriented, organized and proactive. For example, I often organize catering at both the Iowa and Bellevue offices. Since I am not located in Bellevue, I need to make sure every detail is in place so everything goes as planned.

How does your job help Symetra’s customers, your coworkers or the company?
On a daily basis, I am available to assist my manager or my peers with any task or project that needs to be completed. I am always willing to take on any additional responsibilities to help out my team or the company. I have also gotten involved in the Swift Solutions team, which plans a fun activity each month. I execute the activity and get employees here involved.

What keeps you at Symetra?
Symetra genuinely cares about its employees and their happiness while at work. I have developed amazing professional relationships and mentors in both the Iowa and Bellevue offices. I feel like I have grown exponentially due to the encouragement and help from those around me.

What do Symetra’s Core Values mean to you? How do you apply them to your daily work?
These Core Values mean I am working for a company that is invested in their employees and customers. This is the first company I have worked for that lives its Core Values every day. The Core Values I find myself applying daily are “We’re swift to serve” and “We’re dedicated to excellence.” I assist my peers with any requests swiftly and take the extra step to exceed their expectations.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your field?
Make sure you are extremely organized, detail-oriented and great with time management. Your day will never go as you planned, so you need to be flexible with your schedule.

What would people find most surprising about your job or Symetra?
The Bellevue office and Iowa office may be over 1,700 miles apart, but we act and interact as one big unit. Our video systems keep our teams connected and make our interactions more personable.

How do you enjoy your time away from work?
I spend my free time away from work hanging out with my husband, family and friends. We just purchased our first home so we have enjoyed being homeowners and making it our own.

What else would you like people to know about you, your job or Symetra?
I could not ask for a better company to work for, and I truly enjoy coming to work every day. If you want to work for a company that knows how to treat its employees and values all of the hard work that each individual puts in, then choose Symetra!


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