Edwin profile page

Director of Content & Forms
Retirement Division Product Development
Bellevue, WA

How would you describe your job to someone who has no idea what you do?

When a customer buys an annuity, they basically entrust us with their money for some form of financial guarantee. In return, we issue them a written agreement that spells out each party’s obligation and legally binds us. My team and I ensure our customers and agents receive the correct contract and other forms to complete the contract package.

How did you get into your line of work?
I landed this position several years ago when there was an organizational structure change. My annuity product, operations and retirement plans background made this a natural fit.

What skills do you use most in your job?
Interpersonal skills are important for this role, given that we touch many parts of the organization. In addition, active listening, collaborating to solve problems, and being organized are useful for managing all the daily work. It also helps to be curious and analytical.     

How does your job help Symetra’s customers, your coworkers or the company?
The only link the customer has with Symetra after the sale is a piece of paper—the contract. The accuracy of the contract we deliver is critical, as it helps build trust and our reputation with the customer, the agent or advisor and the banks. Any contract that goes out with incorrect information requires remediation. This impacts about 10 areas across the organization and, more importantly, the advisor and bank who sold the contract. So, it is paramount that our outputs are correct and we catch errors prior to mailing.    

What keeps you at Symetra?
Honestly, I would say my team, my colleagues, up, down and across the organization. We really do have people who care for each other, care for the work we do and do the right thing. 

What do Symetra’s Core Values mean to you? How do you apply them to your daily work?
They mean a lot. Together with VTS (our guiding principles of value, transparency and sustainability), they are our guiding light for our conduct with internal and external customers.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in your field?
Come in with an open mind and be willing to soak up information and learn. 

What would people find most surprising about your job or Symetra?
The impact on so many different areas when things don’t go according to plan. 

How do you enjoy your time away from work?
I enjoy watching UDub (University of Washington) football, wine and outdoor grilling. I also volunteer at least once a month.    

What else would you like people to know about you, your job or Symetra?
I make it a point to take the stairs everywhere during the day. I average about 40-50 floors a day at work.

I am the co-chair for the ACORD Life & Annuity Forms and Data Mapping working group. This group is made up representatives from other life and annuity carriers and our main objective is to address form development needs and promote industry standards.       

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