Permanent life insurance


Symetra Accumulator IUL


Symetra Accumulator IUL is an indexed universal life (IUL) insurance product designed to protect your loved ones or business and provide supplemental retirement income if you need it.

What do we mean by indexed universal life?

Indexed universal life is a type of policy that combines the protection of life insurance with the potential to grow [cash value] (policy value) through index strategies.

Index strategies are options within the policy in which growth is linked to the performance of a market [index]. You can experience the potential growth of a rising market, but not the losses of a negative one, as your money is not actually in the market.


Accumulator IUL can protect your family and help you prepare for your future.

I want to provide as much money as possible to my family if something happens to me.

I want my money to grow.

I want access to my money when I need it.

What if my situation changes, but I still want to keep the policy active?

I’m a business owner and I’d like an easy way to transfer my business if I die.

I don’t want any surprises.

This is a high-level overview of Symetra Accumulator IUL so you can get a sense of whether it might work for you. This is not a complete description. Please ask your insurance professional for a more complete description of this product.

Next steps

Ask your insurance professional if life insurance is right for you.

Symetra Accumulator IUL is a flexible-premium adjustable life insurance policy with index-linked interest options issued by Symetra Life Insurance Company, located at 777 108th Ave NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004-5135. This policy is not available in all U.S. states or any U.S. territory; however, where available, it is usually issued under policy form number ICC17_LC1.
Policy riders are not available in all U.S. states or any U.S. territory, and terms and conditions may vary by state in which they are available.
A rider is a provision of the policy that may have additional costs, limitations, potential benefits and features that should never be confused with the base policy itself. Before evaluating the benefits of a rider, carefully examine the policy to which it is attached.
Life insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in-force. Please contact your insurance professional for complete details.
Guarantees and benefits are subject to the claims-paying ability of Symetra Life Insurance Company.
Certain benefits or riders may have tax implications. You should consult with your legal or tax advisor prior to purchasing.
Withdrawals or loans may not be allowed in certain situations. Amounts withdrawn will decrease the policy death benefit and may be subject to a withdrawal processing fee. Loans may have a permanent effect on the policy, even if repaid.
Withdrawals or loans on modified endowment contracts (MECs) may be subject to federal income tax and an additional 10% tax on amounts taken prior to age 59½.
Symetra Accumulator IUL has fixed and indexed accounts. Interest credited to the indexed accounts is affected by the value of outside indexes. Values based on the performance of any index are not guaranteed. The policy does not directly participate in any outside investment or index.
Allocations to the fixed account or index strategies are based on the allocation instructions provided at time of application, and may be subsequently changed in writing by the policyowner. When allocations occur, an index segment for each respective index strategy is created. Each index segment has its own index crediting method, index value, index cap, index floor, index participation rate, index segment term, and index start and maturity date. The index caps, floors and participation rates after the initial index segment term may be higher or lower than the initial rates, but will never be less than the guaranteed minimums shown in the policy.
An index segment represents the portion of the index account that credits interest based on a change in the indexes applicable to that index segment. Index credits are calculated and credited (if applicable) on the respective index segment’s maturity date. Amounts withdrawn from the index account before the index segment’s maturity date will not receive an index credit, if applicable, for that term.
Symetra reserves the right to add, modify or remove any index strategy or crediting method. If any index is discontinued or if the calculation of any index is changed substantially, Symetra reserves the right to substitute a comparable index.
An index may not include the payment or reinvestment of dividends in the calculation of its performance. It is not possible to invest in an index.
The Select Index Strategies are available for an additional cost and allow you to participate in higher index caps or participation rates. Election of a Select Index Strategy does not guarantee a greater index credit for any index segment term.
The death benefit is guaranteed provided certain conditions are met.
Although proceeds of life insurance are generally received free of federal income tax by beneficiaries, estate and local taxes may apply. Consult with your attorney or tax advisor for more information.
1Trust should be drafted by an attorney familiar with such matters. Failure to properly structure could result in adverse treatment of trust proceeds. Symetra Life Insurance Company does not provide tax or legal advice.
2The persistency bonus does not apply to loaned account value backing standard loans.
3Withdrawals and loans may reduce or eliminate the death benefit payable to your beneficiaries. In general, policy loans are charged interest; they are usually not taxable. If a policy lapses or is surrendered, the loan becomes immediately taxable to the extent of the gain in your policy. Withdrawals are taxable only when you take more money out of the policy than you’ve paid in premiums. If your policy becomes a modified endowment contract (MEC), less advantageous tax provisions apply.