Employee benefits regulations are constantly changing. It can be challenging to navigate the self-funded landscape and difficult to keep up with all the requirements. When searching for answers, employers might have questions like: “Is this a reliable source for information?”, “Am I searching in the right place?” or “Is this information even current?” But finding answers doesn’t have to be this hard.

Symetra Compliance Solutions is an online portal provided by Enquiron® that lets stop loss policyholders access content, tools and advice to help make self-funded regulation a little more clear.


How Symetra Compliance Solutions can help:

Think of it as a personalized compliance tool. Users can customize their dashboard by filtering information by state, topic and industry, and opt in to monthly emails for alerts about updated laws and regulations, webinars or overall industry-related news and articles. Symetra Compliance Solutions makes it easy to keep up on what’s new, and conveniently populates the dashboard with content that’s applicable to what your clients need and what’s trending in the industry.

If policyholders have a specific question, they can connect directly with an attorney who specializes in ERISA for unlimited, confidential advice.

Symetra Compliance Solutions is available to all Symetra stop loss policyholders now. To get started, reach out to your Symetra stop loss representative.