Employees are used to benefit programs taking a bite out of their paychecks. But what about benefits that help manage or reduce expenses? That’s the idea behind some of the value-add programs available with today’s employee benefit plans. Value-add programs give employees and their families access to professional resources and expertise that can help them make the most of their coverage.


There are several types of services, so we’ve narrowed it down to some of the most frequently available.

Health advocacy

Advocacy programs give employees access to health care professionals like registered nurses and claims specialists who can help guide them through the complex medical system and even negotiate better prices for treatment. Advocacy services vary by provider, but their main goal is to provide support for employees when they have questions or concerns about their primary medical coverage.

Many advocacy programs employ billing and claims experts to negotiate the cost of medical and dental expenses with providers that aren’t covered by primary insurance. For example, an ER visit can result in large fees that the insured may not be prepared for. A negotiator can work with the facility to reduce these costs and even obtain sign-off from the provider.


Telemedicine connects employees with a network of licensed, board-certified medical providers through online consultations to help with a variety of common health issues.

Telemedicine services may require a fee for insureds, but it’ll usually be less than the cost of an office visit—especially if the consultation avoids a trip to the ER. Telemedicine also provide greater access to health care for employees in rural areas.

More programs available

In addition to physicians, value-add programs often provide access to other health professionals at a reduced cost. Some of the most common services are nurse consulting, employee assistance programs (EAPs) and wellness coaching.

Value-add programs help reduce expenses, enhance standard benefits offerings and promote productivity and wellness for all participants.

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