Our long-term planning

We’re here when you need us

At Symetra, the health and well-being of our customers, employees, business partners, and communities is our top priority. We want to assure all of our customers and partners that Symetra is operating at typical levels, and we are committed to being responsive to your current and future needs as the COVID-19 situation evolves.

Our business continuity team has been engaged since February to implement long-term operational plans that ensure we’ll be here when customers need us. Our planning includes:

  • Financial strength: Symetra has a solid and stable financial foundation with a strong balance sheet, healthy capital levels and liquidity. We believe we are well equipped to serve our customers and overcome short-term challenges during this difficult phase in the financial markets.
  • Remote work: Our employees are capable of working offsite for an extended period, including the majority of our claims, underwriting, service and operations teams. Last summer, we implemented a flex-work program that allows up to three days of remote work per week for nearly all employees, so this is not a new approach for us. We have been doing it successfully for months, and we’re confident in our ability to offer the same quality service you expect from us.
  • Business critical functions: For the small number of teams whose work requires a physical presence in a Symetra office, even for short duration, we have taken steps to protect these employees through distancing and ensure these functions remain fully operational. We have a deep roster of team members to support our ongoing operations.
  • Sales support: We are fully capable of operating our sales operations electronically. Our sales, support and account management functions can work completely remotely to provide the product support you need.
  • Virtual connections: We have scaled back our business travel and have the ability to connect via phone or virtual web meetings to stay connected with our partners.
  • Community connections: Symetra’s ties to our communities run long and deep, and we are committed to supporting the areas where we live and work throughout this crisis. We are working closely with local and state leaders to address economic challenges in hard-hit areas, and our employees have been generous in their donations to local nonprofit organizations, including Symetra’s $1,500/employee annual matching program. We will continue looking for additional ways to contribute and help blunt the force of this shock on our communities.

The world has many challenging days ahead, but for our customers and partners, the service you rely on from Symetra should continue uninterrupted. If you have any questions, please contact your aligned Symetra representative or call 1-800-796-3872.