Frequently Asked Questions

 Why should I offer life insurance? Giving employees the opportunity to buy life insurance at work is a simple way to enhance your benefits package while doing something positive for your hard-working employees and their families. Because the premium is based on the entire group rather than individuals, workers can take advantage of lower group rates and a more convenient enrollment process than if they were to purchase insurance on their own.
 Do I have to pay the entire cost of coverage? Most group life insurance carriers offer several employer contribution options. Symetra’s Basic Group Life is generally funded entirely by the employer; however, it can also be offered with employees contributing to the cost. With Supplemental Group Life, employees pay the entire cost of premium.
 ​How do I know who is eligible for coverage? Generally, the employer determines employee and dependent eligibility. For example, you may require that all employees work a minimum of 30 hours per week and be employed for 30 days prior to enrolling. You may also have the flexibility to offer different levels of coverage for various classes of workers. This can help reward those who put in more hours and/or change the amount of premium you’re required to pay.