Commission FAQs

Why should I choose electronic compensation as my payment method?

Electronic Compensation offers the following benefits:
  • Convenient online self-service! 
  • You choose how often you get paid - Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly.
  • Receive payments through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) with no minimum payment amount. 
  • Use our online Compensation Statement as your single source for viewing, printing, and downloading your compensation data. 

How do I enroll in or change my Electronic Compensation? 
You can enroll in or change your Electronic Compensation by completing our easy to use online Electronic Compensation forms. For more information on using the forms, visit our Electronic Compensation Demo.

If I enroll in Electronic Compensation will I still get a paper statement in the mail? 
No, you will no longer receive a statement in the mail. However, you will have unlimited access to viewing and printing your statement online. In addition, you will be able to download your compensation information into a spreadsheet.

What pay frequencies does Symetra Financial offer? 
You have a choice of weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly pay frequencies when enrolled in Electronic Compensation. 

Will my information remain confidential? 
Yes, the Electronic Compensation forms are located on Symetra Financial's secure Internet site and all information submitted on the forms will be kept confidential. That includes your email address, which will only be used by Symetra Financial and will never be shared, rented, or sold.