Frequently Asked Questions (Mortgage Loan)


What is happening? Last year, Symetra implemented security enhancements requiring you to select three security questions and provide personal answers to help validate your identity should you forget your password.

Following recent system changes, we’re asking you to re-select your required security questions and the associated personal answers needed to authenticate your identity.
Is my account secure? Be assured, this request is the result of proactive systems changes at Symetra and is not related to any specific security concern. Your account remains secure.
What do I need to do? When logging into your account for the first time after the systems change, you will be prompted to choose three questions from a predetermined list and provide your personal answers to the questions. Feel free to use the security questions and answers you are already familiar with or select new ones. Should you forget your password in the future, you will be required to correctly respond to these questions to authenticate your identity. 
What if I get stuck? If you need help, contact us at