What's An Actuary

Look at any ranking of the nation's best jobs and you'll probably find "actuary" near the top.

It's a field that has formed the foundation of countless careers in our industry, and we're always looking for energetic graduates seeking their start in the business.

But what do actuaries really do?

In a nutshell, actuaries put a price tag on risk. They use their mathematical expertise and statistical knowledge to estimate the probability—and likely cost to a company—of events such as death, sickness, injury, disability and loss of property. Actuaries also help determine how a company should invest its resources to maximize return on investments.

To gain full professional status, actuaries must pass a series of exams that usually takes several years.

Where do they work?
Actuaries work in all sectors of the economy, though they’re more heavily represented in the financial services industry, especially insurance companies.

What’s their educational background?
Some actuaries have degrees in actuarial science, while others have business, economics, math or liberal arts degrees.

What’s the job look like at Symetra?
Symetra’s actuarial team works with groups throughout the company, contributing to Symetra’s growth and influencing the company’s strategy through:

  • Product pricing
  • Risk analysis
  • Modeling
  • And much more

By rotating through different departments, actuaries at Symetra have the opportunity to gain a variety of experiences—and give their careers a boost.

Where can a job as an actuary lead? Right to the top! Our president and CEO, Margaret Meister, started her career as an actuarial student right here at Symetra.


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