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Individual Retirement Annuity (IRA)
Saving for retirement on your own or looking for a way to supplement your employer's retirement benefits? An Individual Retirement Annuity (IRA) is a good place to start.

An IRA is a tax-deferred retirement savings product. This means that the money you invest in your IRA grows tax-deferred until you withdraw it. You may even be able to deduct all or a portion of your IRA contribution from your personal income taxes.

Roth IRAs present an attractive long-term savings opportunity. Your contract grows tax-deferred and after you’ve held it for at least 5 years, any earnings withdrawn aren’t taxable or subject to penalty as long as one of the following conditions is met:

  • You’re at least 59½.

  • The withdrawal is going to your beneficiary after your death.

  • The withdrawal is attributable to your being disabled.

  • You use the withdrawal for a first-time home purchase.



Talk to an advisor about adding an IRA to your retirement savings plan.
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