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Life Sales Concepts

Benefits of Trust Planning
The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 brought long-awaited clarity to estate tax rules. But while many clients will likely fall below the established exclusion amounts for estate taxes, there are still many reasons why they should consider the tax benefits of trusts funded with life insurance for their estate planning needs.

Life Insurance as an Asset Class

In times of economic uncertainty, many individuals turn to life insurance to help stabilize their investment portfolios. When used as an estate-planning tool, the life insurance policy's proceeds will often yield a more competitive rate of return compared to legacy assets held in a taxable investment.

Life Insurance as an Asset Class Agent Flyer
Life Insurance as an Asset Class Sample Illustration

Spousal Lifetime Access Trust (SLAT)
Not only can a SLAT help minimize estate taxes — whether that's a current concern or an anticipated one — it also can provide the beneficiary spouse with the flexibility to receive discretionary lifetime income from the trust. With life insurance, the trust can provide beneficiaries with the best of both worlds: access to trust assets, plus a greater legacy enhanced by life insurance cash values and ultimately a death benefit received free of federal estate and income taxes.

SLAT Agent Flyer
A stretch IRA can be an effective tool for increasing the wealth that passes to beneficiaries. With a life insurance policy held inside an irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT), the stretch IRA can result in a larger legacy and give owners more control over how trust assets are distributed.
Leveraged Credit Shelter Trust
If your married clients have significant assets, they may already know the important role an irrevocable Credit Shelter Trust (CST) can play in helping to protect and enhance their legacy for future generations. Life insurance can increase the value of your clients’ trust, allowing more assets to pass to beneficiaries.

Annuity Maximization
Help your clients understand the federal income and estate tax impact on a deferred annuity at death, and suggest an alternative—gifting all or a portion of the current annuity’s value to a trust and purchasing life insurance. 
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