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We're a medical stop loss pioneer — we introduced our product to the marketplace in 1976 — and an industry leader that's built one of the best and largest medical stop loss organizations in the country.

  • Availability: All states (for New York)

  • Minimum group size: 51 eligible employees

  • Advanced funding: Standard on all Specific policies

  • Lasers: No new lasers or increase on existing lasers upon renewal

  • General exclusions: Workers compensation, administrative fees and experimental/investigational claims as defined by the employer’s plan document


Consider stop loss for employer groups that self-fund their company’s health insurance plan and are looking for a way to insure their plan against large or catastrophic claims.


Specific Coverage: Protects against catastrophic claims above the Specific deductible.

  • Specific deductibles: Start at $25,000

  • Aggregating Specific: Available

  • Prescription drug and terminal coverages: Available

  • Unlimited specific annual and lifetime benefits: Available

Aggregate Coverage: Protects a self-funded plan in the event that actual claims for a group exceed planned, budgeted claims.

  • Flexible attachment points: 125% is standard; others may be available

  • Prescription drug and terminal coverages: Available

  • Maximum coverage: Up to $10 million may be considered upon request

Outstanding claims support
Our staff is experienced in both ASO and TPA filings.

We have a well-earned reputation for fast and fair claims practices. Most claims are processed in less than five business days of receipt.

Technical Referral Assistance is our unique program designed to help determine — in advance — how a claim will be reimbursed under a Symetra stop loss policy.

Registered nurse professionals work with cost-containment vendors and Centers of Excellence to negotiate the best possible price — without sacrificing the quality of care.

National recognition
Our stop loss policies are recognized throughout the industry as being thorough and user-friendly.

Fairness and partnership
We won’t terminate or non-renew stop loss policyholders because of poor claims experience.

Our stop loss policy doesn’t include internal limits that may conflict with an employer’s plan document.

A range of benefits
Group life coverage, short-term and long-term disability income plans—and a variety of optional products that employers can choose — are also available. And we offer limited benefit medical polices that cater to the needs of part-time and temporary employees.


Symetra Stop Loss, filed as the Group Excess Loss policy, is insured by Symetra Life Insurance Company located at 777 108th Avenue NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004 and is available in all U.S. states; however, it is not available in any U.S. territory. Policy form number is LGC-12000 9/06 in most states. Our New York subsidiary insures products for New York residents.















Contact the Regional Group Manager 
assigned to your state.

Learn about the guides, forms and other reference materials needed to administer a Symetra Stop Loss policy.




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