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Symetra is committed to working with you to deliver group life insurance solutions that can help meet the needs of your clients, their employees and families.

Our underwriting guidelines require a group to be established for at least 2 years as well as the following information. Details on each will be needed in order for Symetra to release a quote:

  • Class description and benefit schedule

  • Guarantee issue limit and benefit maximum

  • Age reductions for life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D), when applicable

  • A census that includes date of birth and gender. (If benefits are a multiple of salary, salary information is also needed on the census form.)

  • Experience for groups over 500 lives

  • Copy of current contract is required for groups with 500 or more lives, and helpful for all groups


Basic Group Life

  • Noncontributory – 100% of eligible employees

  • Contributory – 75% of eligible employees

Supplemental Group Life

  • The greater of 15% of eligible employees or 10 employees


Groups with 500 or more employees require a complete census, including employees' date of birth and gender prior to quoting. If the benefit is a multiple of salary, salary information is also needed.
Please complete the census in an Excel format.   
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