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Group Life Insurance

Our knowledge of the marketplace, flexible policy designs and quality customer service allow you to create an employee benefits package that helps make your clients’ companies more competitive.


  • Availability: All states (for New York
  • Minimum group size: 100 eligible employees



Consider group life insurance for employers who want to offer a competitive employee benefit to their valued workers. It's ideal for groups transitioning their current group life policy or starting a benefit plan from scratch.



Three-year premium rate guarantee1

Groups who sign up today will have premium locked in for three years. 
Enhanced no loss/no gain provision
This is a standard benefit on all Symetra group life policies. Coverage will not be deferred if: the employee was insured under a previous policy, the employee is on an authorized family or medical leave, and the employee is otherwise eligible for coverage under the new Symetra policy.2

Accelerated Death Benefit
A one-time acceleration of up to 80% of the life insurance benefit is available to covered participants who are expected to live less than 12 months.3  

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Packages
Includes basic AD&D benefits as well as coverage for
    paralysis. Also provides seat belt/air bag benefits, repatriation and 
    common carrier benefits.4 Benefits are also available to help cover 
    costs associated with a child's and/or spouse's education, day care 
    and rehabilitation, as well as home and vehicle adaptations. 

    Enhanced Plus:
Offers additional benefits to cover expenses 
    associated with a felonious assault, coma, critical burn, or therapeutic 

Online administration system
Group Online (GO) is our exclusive tool that takes most of the paper (and a lot of the time) out of administering a disability policy. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it's a simple way to keep everything up-to-date.  

Basic Group Life: Provides benefits to all eligible employees through a group policy. Available as noncontributory and contributory.
Supplemental Group Life: Employee-paid policy that allows workers to increase their amount of Symetra Group Life Insurance at attractive group rates.
Group Life Insurance is insured by Symetra Life Insurance Company located at 777 108th Avenue NE, Suite 1200, Bellevue, WA 98004, and is available in all U.S. states; however, it is not available in any U.S. territory. Our New York subsidiary insures products for New York residents. Benefit availability and provisions may vary by state.
1 Underwriting requirements may apply.   
2 The amount of insurance will be the lesser of the amount of life insurance and AD&D principal sum that the employee had under the prior policy or the amount shown in the schedule of insurance. That amount is reduced by any in-force coverage that is paid or payable under the prior policy or any other coverage that would have been paid under the prior policy had the employee enrolled during the enrollment period. 
3 Minimum amount that may be accelerated is $3,000, 
4 An additional premium charge applies for common carrier coverage.  








For more information about using GO, contact your Symetra representative.



Learn more about the forms and other reference materials needed to administer a Symetra Group Disability policy.


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