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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "reasonable employment option (REO)”?  ​ It’s a position offered by the employer during the regular (own) occupation period. Insureds must be capable of performing the job given their education, training and experience.
Short-term disability has an "own job" definition. What does that mean?  ​
It refers to the specific job the insured was regularly performing for the employer before the disabling injury or illness.
How does an insured qualify for the long-term disability (LTD) Personal Care Assistance Benefit and what does it cover? 

To qualify, an insured must meet each of the following requirements: 1) received LTD benefits throughout the maximum payment duration, 2) been continuously disabled on and after the last day of the maximum payment duration, and 3) have a sickness or injury for which Symetra determines a need for personal care assistance.
The Personal Care Assistance Benefit provides a monthly benefit to an insured after the end of the maximum benefit period of up to 60 months if the insured has a cognitive impairment or a terminal illness, or requires active, hands-on help from another person to perform two or more activities of daily living. Insureds must also be unable to engage in any substantial gainful activity for which they may be qualified by education, training or experience.
What is included in the Social Security Disability (SSD) Assistance Benefit?

It provides insureds with advice regarding their claims and can also help with applications for SSD benefits or an appeal. It may include reimbursing preapproved case management expenses as well as helping insureds find legal representation and obtain medical and vocational evidence. (Insureds may be eligible to receive Medicare after receiving SSD benefits for 24 months.)
What is the Rehabilitation Services Benefit?

This benefit requires disabled insureds to take advantage of vocational rehabilitation services and incentives that can help them return to work. Employers and insureds are put in touch with masters' level rehabilitation coordinators who help disabled employees transition back to work. Coordinators manage the plan's benefits with all involved parties including physicians and rehabilitation providers.
The Workplace Modification Benefit is another feature. It provides financial incentives to companies who modify workstations or make other workplace accommodations to facilitate a disabled employee's return to work.
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