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Our Brand Icon: The Swift

It's impossible for a word alone to capture the spirit of a company. So we've added an additional element to our logo, an icon representing the heart of Symetra. That icon - one of the hardest workers in the animal kingdom - is the swift, a bird known for its endurance and nimble flight.

Energetic. The energy of swifts is legendary. They spend most of their lives in flight, eating, drinking and, some claim, sleeping on the wing.

Quick. Swifts are small, but move—well, swiftly—clocking in at around 111 MPH.

Nimble. Talk about lightning-fast reactions. Swifts feed on flying insects—some as tiny as 0.2 inches—and catch raindrops in flight.

Rising. Swifts fly Mt. McKinley high—up to 20,000 feet—giving them a great perspective on what’s going on below.

We don’t move 100 MPH.  But we do move swiftly and effectively, especially when it comes to solving problems you may have. Or coming up with relevant solutions for today’s changing economic environment.
And you can expect us to work hard for you—harder than anyone in our industry— delivering products you need while clearly communicating their value.


777 108th Avenue NE
Suite 1200
Bellevue, WA 98004
Tel: 1-800-796-3872


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